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Welcome to Collinor Software GmbH and the Enterprise Projectmanagement Software Collinor!

More than just project management software!

Collinor combines vast practical experience with substantiated technological know-how. Our software integrates both process management- and performance management aspects in a unique manner. Due to its modular conceptualization, Collinor allows incremental expansion of basic modules after initiation towards creating a complete system. Collinor provides innovative and high-quality solutions from a strategic and operative viewpoint, with respect to project-, portfolio- and performance management.

We are both, your consultant and full-service partner!

Thanks to a long-lasting experience within the field of project management, we are unequivocally familiar with business processes and requirements of a diverse set of firms from diverging sizes and industries. As a manufacturer, we are able to tailor the Collinor software in accordance to your personal demands. This makes us and our software unique. An individual contact person will be assigned to you, in order to assist- and look after you in matters ranging from conceptualization to customizing and implementation of the Collinor software, and up to employee training.

Collinor 6.0 receives excellent ratings by Projekt-Magazin!

The newest version, Collinor 6.0, was introduced to the market just recently, exhibiting strengths particularly in regards to demanding multi project environments as well as during the interaction with other ERP systems. Projekt-Magazin already had the chance to examine the newest Collinor features and in the course of a software analysis, elaborates on how to successfully master challenges inherent to strategic and operative portfolio- and resource management via Collinor 6.0.